May 15th at Mr. Smalls

Representing Pittsburgh: Omega Love ~ Soma Mestizo ~ UkuLucky ~ Between Liberties

with our very special guests:


Week 2 ~ Brand New Song!!

This is a brand new song called RPM, cut at a practice session last week. Like it??

Listen to RPM by Between Liberties

Lyrics can be found here on our website.


Thoughts on the Recordings

When we recorded "From the Lamplight", we had such a vague idea of what being in a studio meant. We'd basically walk in, say "OK, what songs were we going to do?" and pick from the ether. The parts were simply what we performed live. Live was what we did, experiment and share.

It was nice, because the basement of CMU became our stage. We just jammed, the way we do it. There were no pauses or punch-ins. Riccardo is very well versed in capturing classical performances, where a mistake would mean re-recording the entire piece. If we weren't happy with my part of the performance, theoretically I could have re-done it, as I was isolated, but Will and Jason couldn't, and I think I chose that option only once. There were so little frills that all the extra vocals on Afar, the last track on the album, might seem like a crescendo.

Tracks like Evergreen were tricky. Sometimes, we couldn't capture the essence, sometimes the melodies weren't in perfect harmony. So, we took a break from that song to record Boomerang, and, last minute, like, "ok we can do one more if it will take less then 5 minutes", and we said, "one more time?" and it was the best of the bunch. Not perfect, but we were still learning to communicate through the windows.

In the City was one that was recorded in one take. Just , *~Bam*! Done. Jason added in the lead line and we had a song. I don't think he'd written the lead before entering that booth. I re-worked the pre-chorus behind the mic. There was a lot of that kind of improvisational certainty.

I can't wait to share some of these dooper-new songs...

Goodnight, diary, & perhaps our friends out there!
emay & BL

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Week 1 ~ Child's Eyes hits the archive

Well howdy, y'all. You survived another Monday. That deserves a present!

We'll start you off with a live track from From the Lamplight's release party, February 20th 2009. It's called Child's Eyes.

Listen to Childs Eyes by Between Liberties

Thanks to Rob from Junktape Productions for recording and sharing!!

More information about our new FTL album is here, and you can buy it through paypal here.

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